Learn HOW TO increase your reach, impact and income while competing for a $27k marketing, speaking, technology and contest package

Hi Experts, Authors, Speakers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs,

My name is Robert Evans. I'm the co-founder of App Bros Design and co-creator of the Next Top Expert Contest with Lorenzo Hickey with ShapeShift World. What you are about read will unveil a new and exciting way to get your message out into the world on a much larger scale and learn how to market your message and business in a more effective way.

The idea for this contest started 13 years ago in my previous digital marketing company where we launched one of the most successful online contests for messengers called The Next Top Author. In that first contest we had over 3,000 messengers sign up from around the world and compete for a book publishing contract with a major personal development publisher. We ran two more contests and was able to engage with over 150,000 people from around the world and connect with them the messengers involved.

Fast forward to today... we have now created a new contest model taking the best strategies from 13 years ago, targeting a new target market and using a more powerful way to reach more people. Using the power of mobile apps and digital marketing strategies like engaging videos, viral marketing, call to actions, and collaborations we introduce you to a contest that is sure to change the game once again!

Welcome to The Next Top Expert Contest!

Your Contest Hosts:
Lorenzo Hickey &
Robert Evans


Who is this contest for?

This contest was designed to support and spotlight entrepreneurs who have a positive message they want to get out in the world and create a full-time income from that work or take what they are doing now to a whole new level.

Yes, ultimately this is a contest has a winner and 4 runner ups but it is also designed to teach EVERY participant key content, marketing strategies and technology approaches that will help you reach more people, have a greater impact and make more money when you apply these strategies in your business moving forward.

In each round of the contest you will learn something you can apply throughout your business. Every round has a something to teach and you get that teaching whether you advance in the contest or not. Here is what we focus on in each round:

  • Round 1: How to record a compelling video and invite people to come and watch that video, share it and cast their vote for you

  • Round 2: How to write a short book and use that book as a viral marketing tool to drive traffic to your message and business

  • Round 3: How to create an effective sales page, info graphic, funnel or landing page that inspires and converts

  • Round 4: How to deliver a great interview and offer an effective Call to Action

You will be taught by Robert, Lorenzo, our featured experts and judges and guest teachers that are experts in the areas you are taking action on. EVERY participant gets 6-weeks of targeted training on these topics.

Then, if you follow instructions and work on advancing in the contest, you can compete for the grand prize worth over $25,000 (more about that in a moment). Here's how the rounds advance:

  • Round 1: ALL contestants participate in this first round and automatically advance to Round 2

  • Round 2: ALL contestants participate in this round and while you're at it our 6 expert judges will assess your video, outreach, writing and message and will each choose 10 experts to advance to the next round. That's a total of 60 contestants moving on. But, even if you don't move on in the contest, your education and training continues.

  • Round 3: In this third round you will create an engaging and exciting sales page or marketing document that will factor into our decision to pick the top 10 to move along to round 4. There are 5 areas we look at to make our choice for the final round advancement.

  • Round 4: The top 10 contestants will be interviewed LIVE, broadcasted to thousands of people who have come to support ALL contestants and each will be asked to invite that audience to take some kind of action with you (your call to action).

  • The Finale: Then on October 30th, LIVE online we will announce the Next Top Expert and the four runner ups.

What are your options for getting involved?

There are two options to signing up for this contest and training. We made it possible for EVERYONE to get involved who want to compete and learn these strategies by making the first option TOTALLY FREE!

You can join the contest, get 6-weeks of training on the topics and strategies featured in each round and even win the contest with ZERO costs (other than your time :).

BUT, if you want an Advanced Training (see not below) to learn more mobile app and digital marketing ideas and strategies from very successful leaders, to apply to your business directly, AND get a behind the scenes training on how we are running this contest so you can run your own contest, then you can sign up for our Advanced Training option for $97.

NOTE: The advanced training does NOT give you an advantage in the contest and does not offer more information relevant to the contest that you can't get in the free option. This Advanced option was created to help you take this knowledge from this space to your business to get results there and to teach you how to create and launch your own contest if that is something that inspires you.

What are the PRIZES?


  • The Expert App Pro version (if you don't have an app or want a 2nd one) with the Contest Module so you can create and launch your own contest (Valued at $6000)

  • Your own custom Track-a-Book (500 Digital / and 500 Physical copies) ($2000 value)

  • Getting Started Guide & Track-a-Doc PDF for product or program you have (marketing tools) ($500 value)

  • Promotion inside of Expert Marketing App & Elevate Marketplace as the Next Top Expert until the next contest ($2000 value)

  • Push notification blast out to entire list derived from the contest ($5,000 Value)

  • A featured expert spot in the next Next Top Expert Workshop with a 30-minute sharing of what you have done with your new title (an opportunity to self promote)

  • A 30-minute "speak and sell" spot a major App Bros virtual event ($5000+ value)

  • One-on-one “income action plan” coaching call with Robert/Lorenzo to take advantage of your new title as Next Top Expert ($500+ value)

  • Sales page copy written for a program, product or event you want to launch after winning the conest (written by Robert) - $1000

  • 2-Days in a professional video studio in San Diego to record content or marketing videos for your business ($5000 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $27,000


  • Done for You Contest Package (to run your own cost) OR The Expert App Base version ($2,500 value)

  • A custom Tracka'Book (500 Printed books) to drive traffic to your programs and offers ($1500 value)

  • The Getting Started Guide & Track-a-Doc PDF marketing tool focused on a product, program or event you have - ($500 value)


3rd, 4th and 5th Place

  • Access to the App Contest Training - a detailed training and step-by-step guided do it yourself training on how to create, launch, market and run your own contest ($500 value)

  • The Expert App Contest Module (to run you own contest inside your own app - an Expert App is needed) ($1000 value)


Contact us with questions
or email Robert@appbrosdesign.com

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  • July 21st - 23rd (2 hour calls each day)

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